About Our Driving School

Here at Moray Driving School we believe there is no such thing as a bad student, Maybe you just haven't found the right instructor for yourself. We’re not going to promise you a first-time pass or even a second but we will promise you this; we teach to a very high standard and we wouldn’t encourage you to sit a test if you’re not ready, which is why most of our students do pass the first time. We believe in value for money. You pay for an hour, you should be taught for an hour. We don’t take breaks in your lesson time, we don’t deduct travelling time; you pay for an hour you get an hour, which is also why we get our students to test standard in a relatively short period of time.

Brian, Head Instructor

Meet our instructors


I started Moray Driving School in 2009 after having completed 23 years in the Royal Air Force. I have served in several countries around the world, however, the last 7 years of my career were probably the most challenging and rewarding once I became a military driving instructor. I then specialised in teaching HGV's, coaches, car, off-road driving, and even some motorcycle training along with some other specialised equipment.

Since starting Moray Driving School I have successfully trained hundreds of young and not so young people to drive competently and defensively. I (we) would like to offer you a polite, professional, and efficient training method to accomplish this.


After 24 years of service in the RAF around the world and gaining instructional qualifications along the way, I decided to put this wealth of experience to good use. A love of motoring and motorcycling led me to embark on training to become a driving instructor and to the door of Moray Driving School. Through Brian’s thorough teaching I’ve gained all the tools required to take a novice through their driving tuition with the minimum of fuss to become a proficient driver.

Learning to drive is not just about getting your licence; it’s a skill that’ll keep you safe well beyond your test and it’s with this thought in mind that I ensure every pupil who steps into my car understands the why of what they’re doing, not just the what.